Beach going tips




Please note that these are not advice from a professional, but merely tips from fellow holiday makers.

Donít take precious items to the beach like jewellery or anything else expensive.
Take a cap or hat with you.
Make sure you have enough sun protection as the Amanzimtoti sun is merciless. Apply a sun block or an appropriate protection factor lotion before going to the beach.
Remember to re-apply after a extended swim in the sea.
No alcohol is allowed on the beach. Being under the influence makes you dehydrate faster than normal and puts you at risk.
Stay alert and keep a lookout for pickpockets and petty thieves.
First thing to do when arriving at the beach is to read the notices on the lifeguard tower's notice board. It usually tells you the water temperature, when it will be high and low tide and what the surf condition is.
Try not to go into the water before or after the lifeguards are on duty, you will do so at your own risk and you run the risk of not being noticed if in trouble.
Obey the lifeguards at all times and only swim in the demarcated areas.
Always be considerate of other people, especially if the beach are crowded.
Donít litter. Use the bins on the beach.
Don't let your children out of your sight.
Ensure you drink enough water as people tend to dehydrate easily in the sun.
Donít leave your towel and belongings alone on the beach while you go for a swim,  look around for someone trustworthy and ask him/her to keep an eye on your belongings.
Stay in shallow water if there is a back or side wash.
When in trouble in the sea raise your hand and try and attract someone's attention at the early stages, don't wait until it's too late!
Be on the lookout for blue bottles and jelly fish that normally arrive when there is an on-shore wind. They can give you a really painful sting.
If you are stung, go to the lifeguard for help. There are various means to try and relief the pain of the sting.
Don't spoil the rest of your holiday by overdoing the tanning.
Enjoy it!
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