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Equine Ranch - Horseback Beach Adventures
AddressAdjacent To old Durban International Airport
P.O. Box 21678, Bluff, 4036
"Our Ranch is based next door to the old Durban International Airport, and thus only a short drive from all the tourist hot-spots, but secluded and safe enough to think you had left the city."
Telephone084 467 0752 (Terrence Byrne)
Visiting Hours
About Enjoy leisurely beach strolls on horseback. Or be thrilled by a fast gallop if you have more experience and confidence.

Our 12km bridle trail meanders through some lovely bush paths with fascinating colourful and unusual birds to spy and onto a peaceful beach.

You may choose to ride the full distance without stopping. Or you could opt to dismount for a most welcome half way rest, down some light refreshments, and possibly take your horse for a swim or roll in the shallows if the weather is just right!

Or use your break opportunity to visit the mangroves on a pleasant boardwalk if weather is unsuitable for horses' swim, or if this is your taste of fun.

Experience is not required. Basic instruction is given before riding out.
And at least 1 experienced guide accompanies every ride.

Long pants and closed, low heeled shoes must be worn. Sun block and insect repellent is recommended. We supply safety hard hats, saddles and bridles, and of course you horse.

With monthly specials, and always willing to try make a plan to bring our guests’ wishes and dreams to life, there is something for everyone whether they are visiting Durban from another country, from another city or live here.

Terms and Conditions