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202101Replaced main bedroom toilet cistern flush mechanism and handle. The original one worked with a fantastic concept eliminating having a rubber to seal the exit hole/pipe. It used a type of cilinder to push water over the edge and having gravity take over, however the flap was made of some low quality material causing it to deteriorate and loosing effectiveness over time.
Sounds easy, though it was quite a mission removing the cistern as it is made from porcelain and was fixed to the wal with quite an ammount of silicon, and screwed to the bottom with 4 bolts and nuts, all obviously rusted because some clever person thought plain iron, high humidity and water is a good mix!
It was replaced with the standard shaft drop rubber seal types, unfortunately only type someone from Pretoria could easily find here in Amanzimtoti, Doonside, Warnerbeach, Durban, Umhlanga and surrounds...
202012Replaced both shower tap washers. The ones removed appear to be thinner and smaller in diameter than the standard 12mm ones readily available. It is as if they just too thin to properly close without soon starting to leaking and causing the overtighten chain reaction.
So it was replaced with the standard 12mm ones in the hope it will work for longer...
These taps can hopefully soon be replaced with the lever type.
20200825COVID 19 LOCKDOWN PERIOD AND GOING FORWARD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Pleas note that due to the lockdown the flat owner was not able to travel from Pretoria for the regular maintenance etc., however, one of the recent guests attended to the most promement issues.
As such there might be few small issues overlooked and if not urgent only be attended to as soon as the owner visits the flat.
Guests are responsible for all sanitising, cleaning and other personal items etc. except for regular cleaning items we use for cleaning the flat.
Only springcleans are being done, ie. we clean the flat etc. with every arrival/departure and not during your stay. You can request the normal full service however guests take full responsibility for all people involved. We would prefer not as renting No. 8 at close to cost have all sorts of associated issues should the cleaning lady become ill.
20190703Install outside light on the patio. Another addition as requested from some regular guests. Some used to open up the curtains to receive some outside light which is a thing of the past now. Connected to the inside light by the sliding door leading to the pation it will however add a little to the electricity bill. Since we are exclusively using LED lights it will be a minimal cost though.
20190702Added a small study desk in front of the main bedroom window. We have had quite a few requests from guests for a study desk, specifically with with a view... Done, hoping we can help increase pass rates!!
20190702Move the toy box back to the main bedroom. Some guest moved it to the second bedroom, and we can imagine why. However, the reason for it to be in the main bedroom is to ensure parents manage and control access to toys.
The terms actually specify that guests are not allowed to move furniture at all.
20190628Remove dining room table glass. The glass unfortunately just don't last so we remove it and covered the table with a table cloth and protective vinyl.
Guests regularly using number eight since 2003 will remember it to be the same setup as with the old table.
The table corners will be rounded a little bit to ensure it doesn't damage the cloth and vinyl.
20190628Replace and tighten some of the toilet seat nylon screws. .
20190628Fixed the sliding door handle. Bought stainless steel rod etc. to replace default rod and screws that were pllain metal and obviously rusted through on the inside of the handle.
Also ongoing is a search for a proper lock that would enable guests to exit and lock the flat via the sliding door.
The chain remains there for added security should it be needed.
20190626Replace 4 pillows. Not cheap at R860!! Unfortunately 4 expensive pillows have been swopped by guests with some cheap polycotton ones during the past 6 months. In future we will require guests and the domestic worker to verify a few specific inventory items to prevent this as it is not the first time that pillows have been swopped.
20190626Preventative maintenance: Treat one side of all mattresses for bed bugs, done yearly. The other side will be done tomorrow morning and the process repeated a second time.
20190625Bought 4 new outside chairs. 3 Chairs disappeared and one broke since December 2018. The plastic chairs etc. will now also be added to a inventory with specific items to be checked. Small photos will be added.
20190625Cleaned and oiled the oven hinges. Unfortunately the Univa has got some akward hinges and it is best to open normally until lightly stuck and to then open flat, grab the door by the corners pull lightly up and then push flat. Unfortunately this only occured to us after it was delivered!!
Another stupis thing is the plate lights only come on if hot, no real power on indication!!
20190624Replaced kettle. The previous Platinum kettle tout was damaged and strated to cause the water running down the kettle if pouring slowly. Replaced with a new Stainless Steel Kambrook one from Clicks. Cost: R299
20190624Scrub the shower. Unfortunately the high humidity levels makes the shower specifically a perfect place to cultivate molds and mildew if not cleaned regularly. The tile grout with it's porous properties doesn't help either.
We try to properly scrub and treat the shower every six months with fit for pupose items.
20181220Replace second bathroom toilet seat. The guests that broke the previous seat certified for carrying a maximum of 120Kg replaced it themselves with the cheapest plastic one on the market. They claimed it broke due to one slipping on the floor and hitting it with a arm which turns out to be most likely a lie as it was probably due to a massive amount of presure being placed on the cover.
What is worse is that they claimed it to be an expensive one etc. and when the owner indicated he would first have to have a look to ensure the facts they wnet ahead and anonymously posted a bunch of damaging and some false claims on tripadvisor and falsely claiming we `refuse` to return their key and breakage deposit.
From emails between us:
- They left early due to a funeral.
- They don't mention that the problems started with them falsely indicating the guests staying.
- They don't mention they broke the seat due to huge overweight and replaced it with the cheapest, and lying about it, and then pressuring us to refund the key and breakage before we can see the damage.
- They broke a chair and then posted about worn furniture.
- They posted about complex issues under the `8 Inyoni Rocks Cabanas` name so as to hurt it`s specific name.
- They refuse to undestand the terms and what was clearly said between us, and look at history mails between us, all sorts of changing stories.
- Over tightened the showers taps to the extend that both washers had to be replaced and causing the inner cover to come loose.
20181219Many other small repairs etc.
20181218Plunge all basin and bath drains.
20181218Swop some of the curtains.
20181218Replace front door yale lock cylinder. The inners were starting to experience rust or just normal wear.
20181218Replace downstairs sliding door rollers. The usual rusting bearing problems.
20181218Replace shower washers. The washers were sort of destroyed by overtightening in the last few months.
20181217Replace Floorwiz mop. These cheap and very thin metal handles just don`t last with the rust.
201807Redo the main bathroom basin area. Remove the old stand basin and taps and install a wood cabinet with two shelves and basin on top and glass top for higene.
201807Replace kitchen tube light with three seperate LED lights, one in each corner and one in the middle. The three together are brighter and disperses the light much more, reducing shadows and hopefully hubby will receive improved dinners...
It also saves on electricity since it is 7w x 3 whereas the fluorescent bulbs were 18w x 2.
In addition it provides backup lamps should one or even two blow.
20180414Place cocroach bait in the flat. The humidity provides a perfect breading ground for these little pests. (Some of the ones wondering into the flat are actually quite large!!!)
20180414Replace fridge light For some reasonn these little lamps just donn't last.
20180404Replace DSTV satellite decoder and Television Some power spike or problem with the municipal power caused many of the TVs and decoders to blow/break.
20171217Replaced 4 bathmats and added 4 silicone coasters. Replaced with towel like ones as the fluffy ones just dont last.
20171216Cleaned and adjusted the master bedroom sliding door rollers. Adjusted the rear one to be around 2mm higher as it was to far inside causing the aluminium to touch the track making opening difficult.
20171216Plunged all bath and basin water outlets.
20171216Lubricated all door hinges for added protection, including the brass cupboard ones.
20171216Curtain replacement and swops. The main bedroom curtains were swopped. The kant goryne for the mainn bedroom, second bedroom and lounge wer swopped. The kant gordyne are swopped around every 6 months and curtains every 12 months. Any longer intervals and it starts to show how long they have been hangin with the humidity and sea spray or mist. (The english translation for kant gordyn slipped my mind for the moment and I will probably forget to return to correct the afrikaans words inside the english sentence...)
20171216Remoulded the kettle spout. It was dripping water when pouring due to the rounded edge and remoulding it with a soldering iron to have a sharp edge solved the problem.
20171215Replaced keys. The front door keys were replaced and spares made, however there seems to be a problem with the barrel which some guests had installed themselves after breaking the key.
20171214Replaced the television remote. Guests poured some sticky substance like juice over the original one without cleaning the inside and this caused the power button to stick to the conductive tracks which eventually lifted from the pc board. The replacement one is unfortunalety a chinese equivalent but do work fine.
20171211Replace the microwave. The new one is a manual one as it is simpler to manage ans much safer. The previous electronic one apparently confused some guests whom had it on for too long causing the inside to sustain burning marks and worse burning marks onn the counter top.
20170720Replace all five bathroom louvre windows with new white powder coated aluminium frames and frosted glass windows with a 50/50 opening ratio.
20170705Replace all pots with new glass lid ones, also adding cast aluminium pots with ceraminc non stick coatings on the inside.
20170702Replace the kitchen sink mixer with a new Isca cartridge based one from Builders Warehouse with a 12 year SABS guarantee.
20170413Main bedroom ensuite bath taps were fixed by fitting 2 x new 22mm heavy pattern brass head parts and handles and reseating tap bases.
20161216Replaced master bedroom mirror frame which was made from compressed shaped cardboard, similar to chipboard, which cannot handle the high humidity or moist from washing the walls. The new one is made from pine and painted white, fixed to the wall with stainless steel screws.
20161217Replaced master bedroom sliding door rollers with new stainless steel ones, though unfortunately the bearings are steel which doesn't make sense and really defies the purpose! The bearing covers were covered with a very thin layer of grease to prevent moisture from entering.
20161211Replaced the second 3 seater couch with a new one, leather look vinyl covers etc. to prevent moist from entering cushions and it is much more cleanable and maintainable than normal cotton, chenille, canvas or brushed twill upholstery fabric.
20161211Installed a new glass / ceramic ceran hob stove and oven. Good bye to quick plate rust and deterioration...
20160712Replace the two seater with a new one, again with foam etc. as springs just don't last in the coastal areas.
20160712Install glass tops for the two side tables and coffee table in the lounge. Glass is just so much easier to clean...
20160407Replace the microwave. Same old reason, they just cannot stand the humidity.
20160404The ironing board, iron and hair dryer will be removed. They aren't being used very often and when used cause excessive electricity bills. With this flat being rented with a low margin / high turnover principle it just doesn't fit the bill.
20151224Paint the coffee table. The coffee table was painted white with Plascon Valvaglo brilliant white interior/exterior water based enamel and a glass top was added.
20151219Replace shower head The shower head was replaced with a energy efficient rose bud shower head which according to manufacturer claims will save up to 60 percent.
It uses the latest aeration technology.
Based on a shower head that usese 10 litres per minute:
5 Min without efficient shower head 50 litres are wasted but with efficient head 50 litres are saved.
Features and Benefits
70 mm diameter and 10l per min
Less water usage
The less water used from the geyser, the less water to re-heat, saving on electricity
20151210Replace dining room table and two chairs The dining room table was replaced with a white one with a white MBF top and glass on top of that.
Two of the chairs were replaced with a bench, making sitting at the wall side much easier.
20150627Install a large framed mirror on the dining area wall. A pure aesthetic decision, defined as a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art, beauty, and taste, especially with the creation and appreciation of beauty...it should be clear now who ordered it done...
20150404Replace Both Double Bed Mattresses Both were replaced with Dunlopillo Bluebird Foam only mattresses from Dial-A-Bed. The previous ones both had springs in it which just don't last due to the humidity. With foam you can at least see it deteriorate, but with metal springs, coils, links and whatever other metal parts they contain, parts can break at any time.
From the Dial-A-Bed website:
Double Size
R 3 299,00
Features and Benefits
Foam Layers
Five layers of high density polyurethane foam providing outstanding comfort.
Provides firm support for entire body.
No Roll
Some mattresses are designed to reduce partner disturbance. When one person tosses or turns, the other will not feel it.
This allows for extended sessions of deep revitalizing sleep.
Protected against bed bugs, mosquitoes, dust mites and bacteria.
SABS approved.
20141221Install mini stove and oven The stove was removed and replaced with a mini stove and oven. Hopefully this will save some electricity and will remain esthetically pleasing as it can be replaced more often. Big bulky stoves remain installed for some time though the plates, hinges and other metal parts start to rust soon after installation.
20141215Replace the lounge suite three seater couch Replace the three seater couch in the lounge with one having foam support and no springs and with easily removable covering material. The two seater and single seater chair will also be replaced.
20131227Install Induction Cooker A new induction cooker was installed. This saves electricity and is also faster than a normal stove plate. Another big plus is that the top won't rust like with normal plates.
20131105Replace DSTV remote control This is a constant problem, why can't Multichoice get strong decent remote controls with their satellite decoders. This one lasted only 7 months! It is as if they don't realise remotes will be held in people's hands!
20131028Replace kitchen cupboard door Pressedwood is unfortunately not made for conditions close to the ocean as it is constantly damp causing the chipboard glue to weaken and the wood to swell as it over time absorbs the moisture. This eventually renders the screws close to useless, not even counting the rust breaking down the screws themselves!
20131021Replace downstairs toilet flush mechanism The good old ocean salt makes it's way even to the sewer systems causing creeping rust to deteriorate and eventually break these as well...
20130810Replace Microwave The previous Ottimo from Checkers started making noises.
20130629Replace towel dry rack The previous one was made from wood and started to show it's age. The new one fairly expensive one is made from a good quality stainless steel and is thus only susceptible to breakage.
20130625Replace toilet seat Someone obviously sat the old seat to pieces and replaced it with a really cheap plastic one of probably around R30 in order to avoid having to pay for a proper seat.
20130402Replace DSTV satellite decoder It came up with messages indicating the smartcard and decoder needs to be updated. At the local shop we were told it cannot be fixed. It appears as if Multichoice is forcing users to update decoders etc. for their own gain as they aren't really broken, it's just that Multichoice wants them updated!
20120709Additional support for fridge shelves Additional brackets were added at the sides of the Defy fridge/freezer shelve rails to prevent the glass shelves from falling down when loaded.
Not sure how this got past their quality assessment as it is quite obvious that the glass shelves aren't wide enough!
20120519No Service due to Taxi strike Unfortunately there has been a taxi strike since Wednesday making it difficult for people that do want to work to get to work. The taxi drivers intimidate people from busses and other transport options! Unaceptable and really damaging to the tourism industry!
Due to guests arriving we had to purchase additional linen and make other cleaning arangements which cost R580 for a single flat!!!
20120517Replaced the television Again, being situated right on the Amanzimtoti main beach, the ocean shows its humidity powers...
However, this time CRT televisions are not available anymore and there is no choice but to buy one of the more expensive LCT/LED type Full HD or HD Ready types.
Let's hope they live longer due to not generating as much heat as the tube types, as all of this do have an effect on prices!
We bought a LCD one from Pic n Pay Hyper for R1799 and unfortunately only found out later the same day that Hi Fi Corporation and Game had the same size but the bettter LED ones (Full HD) for at least R300 cheaper!!!
20110712Replaced all four stove stainless steel plate covers. One of the old set were burned, obviously by someone that forgot the plate on. We use only true 18/10 stainless steel ones, but even that didn't prevent permanent burn marks.
20110712Replaced the kettle with a Sunbeam from Pick n Pay. The old one's switch failed mechanically.
20110617Replaced the microwave oven. After less than a year it appears the timer control is malfunctioning. This is still under waranty and will be returned.
20110411Replaced the television. Being situated right on the Amanzimtoti main beach and taking on all the sea spray from the breakers in this tropical climate with it's high humidity again took it's toll...
20110102Replaced all four stove plates. The old ones was showing signs of rust on top and one started tripping the mains power. Two were of the quick heat types which turned out to be real power wasters. The fact that the red dot indicating this didn't last long also meant guests weren't aware of this with the end result being many burned pots etc. The stove now has 4 standard plates which most people are used to.
20110102Replaced the microwave oven. After about 2 years rust was starting to show on the inside under the turn plate. Within another year it started to look bad.
20110101Replaced couch spring connecting cables. A number of these connecting cables were broken. This generally occurs when either jumping or falling on the couch or if subjected to too much weight. The new ones will not break, however they are not made of spring steel and are loosely coupled hooks between the springs, thus making the couches feel a little bit more soft.
20101229Replaced the refridgerator. The old one was showing signs of rust on top and the sides. The new Defy 320 litre one has a plastic covered top and hinge which means a 100% improvement as this is where the first signs of rust occur.
20101220Rotate and wash curtains. Front window curtains are rotated and washed every six months. There are 3 sets for the front windows, thus one spare.
20100622Replaced all pots and pans. The old set was about 5 years old and had some handle damage.
20091224Replaced the television. Being situated right on the beach and taking on all the sea spray these things unfortunately just don't last combined with the high humidity, rust and condensing when switched off.
20090826Replaced one of the glass breadboards. It appears as if something fairly heavy was dropped on top of it.
20090822Ever since the previously mentioned actions things have improved considerably!
20090725Appointed a new cleaning lady due to numerous and continuous problems surfaced with the previous one.
20090703Appointed someone to manage and perform routine checks (at least 4 times per month) on the cleaning service.
20090702Replaced all coffee tables in the lounge area with new solid knot free Pine ones. The old cane ones were starting to show their age. Though they were ideal for the high humidity area the tops were made of vineered pressed wood (chipboard) which is not at all up to the humidity as it swells irreparably once inside.
Painted them with Plascon exterior varnish.
20090701Replaced both breadboards with custom made six milimetre safety glass ones. They last longer than the nylon ones with regard to knife marks.
20071201Built a new cupboard in the hallway above the stairs for linen, service items used by the maid etc.
20071201Replaced the two single beds in the second bedroom with a new double bed and a new bunkbed. The second bedroom now has space for 4 guests, all new beds and mattresses. The two single beds were moved downstairs. Thus eight beds in total.
20071201The double sleeper couch were removed as someone broke the hinges and bend some of the pipes.
20071201The front door with locks, keypad etc. were replaced with a solid 6 section maranti door, varnished with plascon mid brown sunproof and a second coat of clear varnish. Rust, wear and tear etc. A piece of wood inside the bottom of the door also came loose causing a sliding sound while the door is in motion.
20071019Replaced the microwave oven with a new one. Something was badly burnt inside, causing a bad smell and rust was starting to take it's toll.
20070925Replaced the complete kitchen fluorescent lighting unit. It looks like someone hit the fluorescent lighting cover by accident, probably with a beach umbrella.
20070402Replaced all 4 sliding door rollers with stainless steel ones. With the new rollers the axle and height adjustment screw are also made from SS. The only part containing metal is the bearing...
20060701To replace both dressing tables.
20060330 - 20060406Installed new aluminium curtain rails
Replaced curtains with Woolworths ones.
Replaced dressing table chairs with handmade Canadian Beech wood ones.
General sealing and re-sealing.
20051122 - 20051214Retiled upstairs.
Installed new stove / oven. The plates started to rust. With the new stove we made stainless steel plate covers available which would hopefully extend the life.
Fitted new fridge freezer door seals.
Replaced built-in bedroom cupboards. The previous ones were old and made from pressed wood which started to expand in some places due to moist.
Replaced shower head.
Installed new sleeper couch in lounge. Situated right on the Amanzimtoti main beach means the metal frame unfortunately don't last very long due to the humid sea air.
General sealing and re-sealing.
20050715Replaced cutlery with Woolworths ones. A lot of cutlery sold as stainless steel are in fact either just brushed steel or of a low quality. The new ones are beautiful, strong and of a high quality 18/10 stainless steel.
Replaced crockery with new continental ones.
200411Replaced the geyser. When it burst water seeped into the walls downstairs and damaged the paint which had to be fixed as well.
200312Repainted the entire flat, walls and ceiling areas.