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ZAR RATES (valid as at 5 December 2019)    -    See also Availability calendar and Special deals
General rates per night for No. 8, a ground floor sea facing duplex flat
Out of season: (7+ nights)375.00
Out of season (14+ nights):349.00
Out of season:
(Filler booking less than 7 nights between two other bookings - rare occurance)
Out of season:
(Last minute booking between two other bookings - rare occurance)
Should you be a frequent flexible traveler we can place you on the system's waiting list specifically for any last minute special similar to the above option.
Weekends (Min. 3 nights):
(Only available on short term notice or as filler booking adjacent to other bookings)
(Only available on short term notice or as filler booking adjacent to other bookings)
In season starting at:770.00
Per guest more than flat capacity as per terms and conditions:
(Must be pre-arranged and approved)
Refundable Key and Breakage deposit:
(Balance refunded 14 booked nights after departure, amounting to 14 nights at the earliest if fully booked and you have sent us your bank details.)
Administration feeR300 plus
Bank and other costs like cash deposit charges are added to the guest account.-
We strive to be the best priced with quality and you most likely won't find anything comparable cheaper than this!!!Let us know if you do, we will most likely beat your other comparable quote!!!
Above is based on
Sea facing ground floor duplex flat No. 8
Two in secured complex parkings
An adult couple sharing and their two children younger than eighteen
Seven plus nights booking where not indicated or unclear
Included Services
Cleaning Service (Excluding Sundays, public holidays and days where other factors come into play like strikes/public unrest, other service staff issues like transport problems etc.) Maximum 5 days per week. If departure was on Saturday one week day cleaning will be skipped.
Washing of breakfast dishes, max 100ml dish washing liquid included.
Making of beds
Linen provided only for specific guests booked
Items included / available inside the flat
DSTV - Digital Satellite Television with Premium bouquet(Full bouquet), providing numerous television and radio channels
(Smartcard / decoder are not to be disconnected / swopped etc.)
Continental hotelware where not stolen or lost
Woolworths 18/10 stainless steel Essentials cutlery (There might be other replacements for lost or stolen items)
Two safes, one per bedroom
Maximum four bath towels, one per person, per week on request at no additional cost
(Must be requested at least three business days before arrival via email and ensure you receive a confirmation mail.)
Maximum initial set of two paper rolls, meaning two rolls between the three toilets on arrival, this gives guests ample time to purchase their own for really long stays or large families.
Maximum of three black garbage bags per week for the dustbin.
Securing deposit
The securing deposit is determined by the system but generally amounts to half the total payable and the balance at the latest 30 days before arrival.
Our rates and securing deposit are not fixed in stone and we can be flexible in some cases.
We endeavour to offer you the best in price and quality compared to other comparable offerings!

When making an enquiry please provide us with as much information as possible, enabling us to provide you with an accurate quote for the required period as recalculations done after being quoted will cause previous costs to most likely be higher than with the original quote.

At least the following should be included initially:
Number of adults (>25)
Number of children and their ages (<18)
Number of students and their ages (18 - 25)
Number of pensioners >60
Specific Bed / Room sharing requirements
Cellphone number
Arrival and departure dates
Any special requests or detail you want to bring to our attention, for instance, Inyoni Rocks Cabanas consists of all duplex flats and we would want to try and warn you about the stairs etc. should some of the guests be elderly people that would find it problematic with this type of layout.

To be able to generate the procedures etc. for securing a booking our system would require at least the following contact details for the actual and responsible guest to be accommodated:
Our rates for our holiday / vacation rentals are for the most part fixed based on the most common requirements on our booking system, however there are items that might inadvertently affect the rates, for instance:

Weekends and other short period stays are generally available only on short notice and if adjacent to other bookings.
We do try to stick to above rates as far as possible, but please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote, depending on what you want we might just surprise you.

Please note that Inyoni Rocks Cabanas consists of all privately owned flats falling under the Sectional Titles Act (a particular unit might be owned by a company), i.e. it's based on the same principal as with almost any block of residential flats in South Africa, i.e. it's not a hotel, lodge, resort etc., or single owner block of flats. The Body Corporate does not let any units and it's rules does not allow the Trustees to manage any such business within it's rules, as is required by the Sectional Titles Act.
Also, only a few owners are making their flats available for letting and holiday accommodation at Inyoni Rocks Cabanas availability is thus limited, especially during peak seasons when most of the owners are more likely to occupy the flats themselves.
This is actually a fact for most flats along the Amanzimtoti beach. Most of them are on offer directly from the owners, via letting pools / rental pools, local letting agencies, companies, and in some instances the from the Body Corporate Trustees and management where the rules does provide for holiday letting via the Body Corporate.

This also means that you might get different rates, units and services etc. from different organisations or owners, even for different units within the same block of flats, and therefore should shop around to find the best deals!
And remember to compare apples with apples!

- In order to secure a booking a deposit will be required, and the booking will then only be allocated to you once this has cleared in the account indicated and once the booking has been confirmed by us in writing.
(The requested accommodation period stays otherwise available for anyone to book. The unit is allocated to you only once we accept and confirm the booking with you by email, fax or in writing. Please see below.)
- The balance for your booking is payable and must be cleared in full in our account thirty days prior to the booked arrival date, unless otherwise noted in the confirmation.
- Units are fully serviced on a daily basis except for weekends and public holidays (this includes doing the dishes and making of the beds).
- All tariffs are subject to change without any prior notice even after a booking has been secured or confirmed according to a quotation received from us.

Important notes about securing a booking:
- We provide multiple guests with quotations as requested and in most cases the first deposit cleared in our bank account and confirmed by us secures the booking. Should you have made your deposit but for whatever reason be unsuccessful in securing the booking, we will return your deposit. In most cases their will also be no administration costs deducted.
- The closer it gets towards the required accommodation period the more important it is to pay the securing deposit as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.
- Note also that paying by cheque will in most cases cause the money to be cleared in our bank account only in at least 5 work days, you will thus run a greater risk of someone else securing the required period before your cheque clears.

What this in effect means is that after you have indicated your interest in or requirement for booking accommodation with us, the period required will still be available to other potential guest's requests, even after we have provided you with a quotation. You can thus only be assured of your accommodation booking being secured once your deposit have been received and cleared in our bank account and we have sent you a confirmation for the secured booking.
Race conditions like these are more likely to occur when making a booking for in season periods, however, well deserved holiday accommodation is not something to loose out on...

Please see the Inyoni Rocks Cabanas Contact page if you wish to compare our prices with other agents or owners.

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