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The Waffle House
AddressMarine Drive, Ramsgate, KwaZulu Natal
Telephone039 314 9424
Open from 9am to 5pm
Established by the present owners in 1957 as The Teahouse of the Blue Lagoon, this landmark restaurant was converted to The Waffle House in 1991, based on the success of the original Waffle House, which was started in Norwich, England 1978.

The uniqueness of this popular restaurant is that it specialises in light, crispy style Belgian waffles, and the menu offers something satisfying for any time of day.

The menu selection includes tasty savoury and sweet toppings as well as breakfast waffles. There is also a choice of vegetarian toppings.

Their aim is to provide quick affordable, nourishing meals which will appeal to the whole family.

The Waffle House nestles in tranquil, sub-tropical vegetation on the edge of the Ramsgate lagoon from where you can take a leisurely stroll across the quaint, wooden bridge to the main Ramsgate beach for a swim or laze on the sand.

Browse at your leisure in the adjoining gallery, which stocks artwork by some of South Africa's best known artists and potters. Inclusing Barry Dibb and David Walters.

There is always an interesting selection of functional and decorative gifts to choose from.

The Basket Shop / curio shop shows an interesting range of quality handmade African baskets and crafts.

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