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You have to read, understand and accept ALL our terms, conditions and rules before booking. Paying a deposit in any way will be seen as proof that you accept everything. The slightest mistake can cause us to at least withold your key and breakage deposit.
The new Consumer Protection Act requires us to put terms and conditions in plain language, as well as to clearly highlight any conditions that limit our liability, or could pose a risk to you the consumer. We therefore first of all require you to first of all become aquainted with South African Consumer Protection Laws and then make sure what you read here and will have to adhere to is acceptable to you. If not acceptable then we unfortunately cannot help you.
This document has been drawn up by a normal person and not by legal entitities to try and ensure it's readability and understandability by the majority of people. As such you acknowledge and accept that it might contain errors, legal or other incorrect statements or terms having been left out etc. Should you or anyone appointed by you or a third party find any such mistakes or if anything contained herein or any of our actions are unclear or questionable you will inform and allow us to correct this in any way we see fit without taking any action against www.inyonirocks.co.za, it's owner, flat owners, representatives or the Body Corporate or it's members.
No verbal agreements are accepted or will be entered into.
Any and all communications must be in writing by email to our designated email address at the time.
Throughtout all of our advertising material, website, agreements, emails and any other documents or agreements Errors and Omissions are Excluded / Excepted (E&OE). That is E&OE are applicable to everything received from or generated by www.inyonirocks.co.za or any of it's representatives.
We also cannot guarantee in any way any of our services or products provided.
Guests are responsible for everything, the same as looking after their own home and family, for example, insurance covering all aspects during their stay, ensuring everything / everyone is safe.

Your booking confirmation received from www.inyonirocks.co.za will indicate the maximum allowable number of guests and details of guests booked for and to be accommodated inside the flat and on the complex premises. A breach of this might result in actions taken not limited to additional fees as determined by the owner, key and breakage deposit forfeited, legal action, criminal action or whatever else we see fit.
The different configurations of absolute maximum guests allowed per flat is indicated below, with any other configuration we must get aproval from the flat's owner before the booking can be made. Even if quoted on other configurations, the owner has to approve first before the booking can be made.

The maximum number of adults allowed inside the flat are four (4) and the maximum number of guests in total six (6).
Guests zero to under eighteen (<18) are considered to be children.
Guests eighteen (18) to twenty five (25) can be considered students.
All guests twenty five (25) and younger must be accompanied by an adult couple desribed here.
Two of the adults must be a legally bound couple sharing and the booking has to be in their name and they have to accept responsibility for everything, have a proven income such as pension, working salary etc. with the ability to cover any and all damages or loss to the owner. They also have to have a valid and provable domicilum.

No visitors are allowed, not even inside the complex unless the details have been provided before quoting.
If you want to change the guests/visitors after we have quoted you, any bargain price or whatever discounts were given falls away and you will be re-quoted using normal prices, that is to say if the change is even possible and allowed.
Guests/visitors cannot be changed/allowed after booking.

Please note again that what is indicated on your booking confirmation is the maximum adults and children allowed. No deviation from this is allowed.
Children are generally defined as persons younger than eighteen and are the own children of the adult guests.
Unfortunately there is a absolute maximum weight limit of 110kg per person imposed on guests due to the warranty on items like the beds, toilet seats, chairs etc. The steps are also made from wood and from the 70s and possibly not made for this type of usage. Due to the difficulty in enforcing this guests must accept that we can at any time require one or more formal items of proof regarding this and they must provide this immediately. We unfortunately cannot allow guests to make any further use of any item or facility while there are any suspicions of overweight problems or if suspicions arise while inside the complex or flat. Please discuss with us before booking if there are any doubts or you have an issue. Also due to the sensitivity of this we ask that guests be absolutely honest around this and be prepared to use a scale as peoples perceptions might not be accurate about this. It is unfortunate but first of all this is someone else's private property you want to use, so we ask that you please adhere to this in order to prevent an uncomfortable situation unfolding.
With advertised specials children are generally defined as persons younger than thirteen and are the own children of the adult guests.
Other children or friends coming along must be explicitly specified separately and are seen as additional guests and will most likely have an influence on the price.
Where multiple adults are indicated, it consists of multiple sharing adults. For example, Two adults means two sharing, that is one couple, four adults means two sharing couples, three adults means one couple and one single.

Included items might change without us having properly updated all documentation or informed everyone properly.
(At the time of writing the DSTV Premium subscription is the full subscription, excluding any specialised or non standard add-on channels.)
Inventories, if available, must be checked and any discrepancies reported within 24 hours of arrival. If no shortages are reported by the guest of the unit, it will be regarded as correct and guests will be held responsible for any shortages or breakages on vacating the unit.
Check in time is strictly after 14h00 on the day of arrival and the unit must be vacated at 10h00 on the day of departure.
Check in time is after 14h00 on the day of arrival, however you are allowed to arrive from 10h00 onwards but must get permission from us in writing beforehand and need to understand the implications.
The flat MUST be vacated at the latest 10h00 on the day of departure, no exceptions.
If arriving before 14h00 you accept the fact that departing guests have until 10h00 to vacate the flat, you being there whilst cleaning are in progress and the fact that we cannot know in what state the departing guests leave the flat, all have an effect on the cleaning.
When vacating the flat guests are required to leave the flat clean and to make sure that all doors and windows are closed.
The unit is serviced daily except for Sundays and Public Holidays. This is also dependant on other factors, such as transport, sickness, strikes etc.
Guests are not allowed to interfere / change cleaning service days or hours etc. without a written request and receiving a response from us allowing it, doing so will cause loss of full deposit and possibly other actions taken.
Beach towels are not provided and if any bath towels are provided, they may not be used as beach towels.
Please note that no braaing (barbequing) is allowed on the patio or balcony. This is only allowed at the communal braai facilities situated on both sides of the sea facing block of flats.
Hanging of clothes on the balcony walls and windows are not allowed. Washing lines are available in the complex.
The owner can and will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, inconvenience, injury, death etc. to the guest or accompanying parties.
There are stairs, pools, wet floors, sharp objects, balconies, non shatterproof glass windows and many other highly dangerous areas on the premises and inside the flat. Whether made highly visible or being warned about it or not, we can and will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, inconvenience, injury, death etc. to the guest or accompanying parties.
The premises and flats are not at all suitable for people with any disabilities.
Absolutely no pets are allowed inside the flat or complex grounds. Though we do not allow pets or any other animals, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any person bringing these onto the premises for whatever reason, whether given special permission or not.
Under no circumstances may furniture be moved around.
No-one is allowed to remove any furniture from the flat, in doing so you immediately forfeit / loose the right to receive back your key and breakage deposit.
The right of admission is reserved.
You are not allowed to give the access code, keys, electronic discs or any other items used to gain access to the complex and flat to anyone other than the guest(s) indicated on your confirmation email received from www.inyonirocks.co.za.
Please read and adhere to any house-rules provided.
The loss of keys is a costly event and unfortunately has to be dealt with immediately. You accept any and all responsibility with the keys and other access control items. The guest has to immediately inform us in which case we will make arrangements for a locksmith to replace all locks for the guest's account, to be paid to the locksmith on arrival. Other access control items like discs etc. also has to be replaced and costs at least ZAR 250.00. The guest is required to stay inside the flat until a locksmith can attend to the matter. As such it is of utmost importance and only for your protection as well that the guest take care of the keys.

Failure to deposit required fees within the stated period or late payment thereof will result in the reservation being cancelled and the required period becoming available on a first come first serve basis.
Note that this applies to confirmed bookings. (No initial deposit as per written procedures received from us means no booking / reservation at all.)
Deposits per cheque can take seven plus banking / business days to clear in our account and as such puts you at risk of loosing your option to book or confirmed booking during this time. This also applies to any other means of payment involving delays. It is thus to your best interest to ensure payments are cleared in our bank account as soon as posible. For us to do allocations, confirm, complete or keep bookings, any monies owned or requested must have been cleared in our account.
The booking system releases the balance on your key and breakage deposit fourteen plus days after your departure date after which we can do an electronic funds transfer if you have supplied us with your banking details. Failure to supply us with the details will result in the deposit being credited to your account on our booking system for a maximum of one year after which it will not be refundable.

Important notes about quotations, deposits and securing a booking:
- The word booking does not mean a valid and secured booking with us unless all requirements indicated have been met by you and we have confirmed in writing that you have a booking with us and it has been secured.
- We do not guarantee a valid period for quotes, i.e. quotes are valid only for the moment sent from us. We can on request guarantee quotes but only until end of business day, generally around 4pm on the same day we processed and sent your quote.
- We provide multiple guests with quotations as requested and in most cases the first deposit cleared with our bank secures the booking. Should you have made your deposit but for whatever reason be unsuccessful in securing the booking, we will return your deposit. In most cases their will also be no administration costs deducted.
- The closer it gets towards the required accommodation period the more important it is to pay the securing deposit as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.
- Note also that paying by cheque will in most cases cause the money to be cleared with our bank in at least 5 work days, you will thus run a greater risk of someone else securing the required period before your cheque clears.
- Though we do understand that guests would like to secure bookings far in advance so as to not run a risk of not having a booking. This unfortunately also increase the likelyhood of an increase in our tariffs within the period leading up to the arrival date. This difference will be added to your booking cost and are payable by guests.
- The system base costs not just on number of guests, nights etc. but also on an individual enquiry marketing based process and as such costs indicated can be different for two exact same enquiries received.
- Costs are also affected by the amount of details supplied, like the number of children and what their ages will be on arrival date.
- Should there be a discrepancy over payments due, how the deposit must be paid, how much has already been paid, differing information in various emails, advertisements, differing agreements etc., the final decision on this and related matters will be with us, though we will try to resolve this under amicable terms.

What this in effect means is that after you have indicated your interest in or requirement for booking accommodation with us, the period required will still be available to other potential guest's requests, even after we have provided you with a quotation. You can thus only be assured of your accommodation booking being secured once your deposit have been received AND cleared in our bank account AND we have sent you a confirmation for the secured booking.
Race conditions like these are more likely to occur when making a booking for in season periods, however, well deserved holiday accommodation is not something to loose out on...


With the flat's owner making it available for rent so much cheaper than other flats and agents we unfortunnately cannot afford to be flexible with cancellations.
In short, you remain responsible for paying the full amount. However, we do try to find replacement bookings and if successfull it is very likely that you will get a full refund minus costs like banking costs if you paid by means of cash deposits, or additional advertising costs if any.
It is thus also important to rather secure bookings once sure about your holiday, and not make the booking just to ensure no-one else does and thereby denying someone else the oppertunity and causing us risk in financial damage should you not follow through.
    Cancellation will only be initiated once written notice of the cancellation has been received in addition to the details required by us to cancel the booking. Only then will we be able to advertise and make the period available in order to try and find alternative guests.
    In most cases where we are unable to find a replacement booking you remain responsible for the full amount due to the loss encountered with the flat not generating income.
    Refunds can only be done electronically and to the account where payment was received from, for this we will need your proof of payment or identification must match that of the guest name.
    Any additional costs above the normal encountered might also be subtracted before any reimbursement, in most cases this is limited to overseas transfers that cost in excess of ZAR100 in most cases.
    Cancelling a second or more times within a five year period is not possible and you will thus stay responsible for paying for the booking in full, no matter what.

Enquiring about our offerings, reading any of our material, paying a deposit or any other interaction with our offerings are construed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions and binding on all.
Our terms and conditions remain applicable to any material proliferating from our offerings through the internet or other mediums.
We reserve the right to change any of our offerings, tariffs, services, rules or terms and conditions without prior notification to any party.

Please also see Rates for additional information.
Adhering to the terms and conditions and following all policies and procedures can enhance and ensure a trouble free holiday!

Although we have tried to make the terms and conditions as clear as possible, trying to not use legal terms etc. unclear to the man on the street, you should contact us if anything is unclear or raises some questions so that we can provide you with a definite answer or decision.

Ensuring the safety of everyone booked into the flat rests solely on the guests shoulders and is thus entirely your responsibility.
The activities and conduct of guests and their children shall be reasonable at all times and must not annoy, disturb or cause danger or harm to other guests or neighbours.
Guests are required to keep television and radio volumes down and to keep conversation volume at normal levels so as not to disturb other guests.

You accept that not adhering or following any of our terms, policies or procedures will have penalties instated and / or action taken as determined by the owner, notwithstanding what is being said on this page or any other previous documentation provided.

Credit Card transactions

Due to problems with guests not paying the balance of their account or in fact reversing the original deposit by requesting a charge back from the credit card company we have no choice but to enforce the following check in / booking process.
As no signature is collected when booking via the internet, charge backs are always processed by credit card companies. Unfortunately some of these charge backs are from dishonest or fraudulent guests staying multiple times with establishments and then charging back all payments, and without a signature the credit card company will still uphold the charge back.

We thus need the following additional check in / booking process where credit cards are involved:

Staying at most hotels, here or overseas, you will know that this checking in process takes place on arrival and you are not shown to your room until you have completed this process. They do this for good reason and we need to do the same, just in a different way due to being a self catering establishment. We thus also have to in some way obtain a signature from guests to protect ourself from potential chargeback liability.

Please note that content / information provided by us could include technical, typographical, chronological or other inaccuracies. Should you place any reliance thereon, you do so at your own risk.

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