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Wild 5 Extreme Adventure
AddressOribi Gorge
Oribi Gorge (N2 Turn off 12 km from Port Shepstone)
Telephone+27 39 687 0253 / +27 82 566 7424
Visiting Hours
About Jump off the edge of the spectacular Oribi Gorge, ride wild rapids, abseil down a 110 metre cliff face or enjoy the ancient, unspoilt beauty of this spot from a hiking trail or just by sitting quietly under the shade of an African mahogany tree.

Wild 5 operates from the beautiful Oribi Gorge, near Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, and offer a range of activities which cater for adrenaline junkies in search of on-the-edge adventure, or for those who are quite happy to relax and be drawn into the peace and tranquility of their surroundings.

Wild Gorge Swing

The highest swing in the world from the top of Lehr's waterfall. The 100 metre arc, (33 story building) high above the gorge floor, will leave you breathless.

Wild Abseiling

At 110 metres, takes you down the cliff alongside Lehr's waterfall.

Wild Slide

Slide along a 120 metre steel cable across the gorge, 160 metres above the ground, the wildest foofy slide of them all.

Wild Water Rafting

One and 2 day trips are offered down the mighty Umzimkulu River. Rapids range from grades 2 to 4, depending on the seasonal level of the river.

Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails

Baboon's trail and Camel trail (approximately 1 to 9 kilometres) are easy trails along the edge of the gorge. Lehr's trail, 1 to 2 hours to the foot of the waterfall is much more challenging.

Horse Riding

Offers exciting horse trails, allowing you to enjoy the wildlife and fantastic views

Team Building and Conferences

They will design you team building getawy to suit your needs, with access to all adventure activities. Professional facilitators and conference facilities are available.


They claim to adhere to the strictest safety standards. All equipment is safety tested and trained personnel are in attendance.

They also claim to be totally commited to the conservation of nature and wildlife, and providing their guests with a unique and unforgettable experience.

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